A1S68DAV Mitsubishi PLC

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Overall accuracy (accuracy for full scale) ± 1.0%
Analog output points 8 points (8 channels)
Digital input -2048 to +2047
Analog output Voltage DC-10 to +10 V (External load resistance: 2 kΩ to 1 MΩ)
Input / output characteristics, resolution Output range Digital input value (maximum resolution)
Voltage output -10 to 10V -2000 to 2000 (5 mV)
D / A conversion speed 4 ms or less / 8 channels
Output short circuit protection Yes
Insulation method Between output terminal and sequencer power: Photocoupler isolated Output channel: Not isolated
External wiring connection method 20-point screw terminal block (M3.5 screw)
I / O occupancy points 32 points (I / O assignment: special 32 points)
DC 5 V internal current consumption 0.65A
External dimensions Height (H) 130 mm
Width (W) 34.5 mm
Depth (D) 93.6 mm
mass 0.28 kg


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