AJ65SBTB1-32T Mitsubishi PLC

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Output format Transistor output (sink type)
Output points 32 points
Rated load voltage DC12 / 24V
Operating load voltage range DC 10.2 to 26.4 V (within 5% ripple rate)
Maximum load current 0.5A / 1 point, 4.8A / 1 common
Maximum inrush current 1.0A 10ms or less
OFF current leakage current 0.25 mA or less
Maximum voltage drop when ON DC 0.3 V or less (TYP.) 0.5 A, DC 0.6 V or less (MAX.) 0.5 A
Output response time OFF → ON 0.5 ms or less
ON → OFF 1.5 ms or less (resistive load)
Surge killer Zener diode
Protection function Over load protection function, over voltage protection function, over temperature protection function
Output unit external power supply Voltage DC 10.2 to 26.4 V (within 5% ripple rate)
Current 50mA or less (TYP. DC24V, per common) Does not include external load current
Output common method 32 points 1 common (Terminal trapezoidal 1-wire type)
Output isolation method Photocoupler isolation
Dielectric breakdown voltage Between DC external terminal block and ground: AC500V 1 minute
Insulation resistance Between DC external terminal block and ground: 10 MΩ or more with DC 500 V insulation resistance tester
Protection grade IP2X
Station type Remote I / O station
Number of occupied stations 1 station
Unit power supply Voltage DC 20.4 to 26.4 V (within 5% ripple rate)
Current 65 mA or less (24 V DC, all points on)
External wiring connection method Communication unit, unit power supply unit: 7 points 2-piece terminal block (M3 screw)
input / output power supply unit, input / output unit: 34 points direct mounting terminal block (M3 screw)
External dimensions Height (H) 50 mm
Width (W) 179 mm
Depth (D) 40 mm
mass 0.25 kg


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