D4C-3202 Omron limit switch

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Shape / structure Vertical vertical type
lifespan General form
Actuator Roller · Plunger
type φ12 × 5 stainless steel type sintered roller
Electrical rating DC 30 V 4 A
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Contact configuration 1c
load General load
Switching ability (DC) / no inductive load Rated load: 2A (NC) 2A (NO) Rated voltage: DC 30 V / resistance load: 4 A (NC) 4 A (NO)
Switching capacity (DC) / inductive load Rated voltage: DC 30 V / Inductive load: 3 A (NC) 3 A (NO) / Motor load: 3 A (NC) 3 A (NO)
Allowable inrush current Normally closed circuit (NC): 20 A
Always open circuit (NO): 10 A
Protection circuit Electric shock protection class: Class I (with ground wire)
Short circuit protection device: 10 A Fuse type gI or gG (IEC 60269)
Operation indicator light LED (lighting when not operating)
Voltage: DC 30 V
Leakage current: Approx. 1.7 mA
Ground terminal With ground wire
Cable specification VCTF oil resistant cable 3 m
Ambient temperature range At use: -10 to 70 ° C
(but not freezing)
Ambient humidity range At use: 35 to 95% RH
(with no condensation)
Allowable operation frequency (mechanical) 120 times / min or less
Allowable operation frequency (electrical) 30 times / minute or less
Contact resistance (Initial value) 300 mΩ or less
Insulation resistance 100 MΩ or more
(DC 500 V mega)
Withstand voltage Between terminals with the same polarity: AC 1000 V 50/60 Hz 1 min Between
charging metal part and ground: AC 1500 V 50/60 Hz 1 min Between
each terminal and non-charging metal part: AC 1500 V 50/60 Hz 1 min
Impulse withstand voltage Between charging metal part and ground: 2.5 kV Between
each terminal and non-charging metal part: 2.5 kV
Durability (mechanical) 10 million times or more
(temperature and humidity condition: 5 to 35 ° C., 40 to 70% RH)
Vibration proof (malfunction) 10 to 55 Hz Double amplitude 1.5 mm
Impact resistance (durability) Up to 1000 m / s ** 2
Impact resistance (malfunction) Maximum 500 m / s ** 2
Pollution degree 3 (EN 60947-5-1)
Protective structure IP 67
Power required for operation (OF) Standard value maximum 11.77 N
The power of return (RF) Standard value minimum 4.41N
Movement to action (PT) Standard value maximum 1.8 mm
Motion after movement (OT) Standard value minimum 3 mm
Hysteresis movement (MD) Standard value maximum 0.2 mm
Operating position (OP) Standard value 28.5 ± 1 mm


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