FX2N-16EYRFX2N-16EYR Mitsubishi PLC

FX2N-16EYR Mitsubishi PLC

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Applicable sequencer FX1N, FX3G, FX2N, FX3U, FX1NC, FX3GC, FX2NC, FX3UC
<Connecting to connector type sequencer>
FX2NC-CNV-IF is required to connect to FX1NC and FX2NC.
FX2NC-CNV-IF or FX3UC-1PS-5V is required for connection to FX3GC and FX3UC.
mass 0.3kg
Power supply specifications
Rated voltage Internal power supply from sequencer
Output specifications
Number of output points 16 points
Output connection shape Vertical terminal block (M3 screw)
Output type / format relay
External power supply AC250V DC30V or less
Maximum load Resistive load The total load current of resistance load per 2A / point common should be as follows.
・ Output 4 points / common: 8 A or less
・ Output 8 points / common: 8 A or less
Inductive load 80VA
Minimum load DC5V 2mA (reference value)
Response time OFF → ON About 10ms
ON → OFF About 10ms
Circuit insulation Mechanical insulation
Output operation display LED lighting on panel when relay coil is energized


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