FX2N-4DA Mitsubishi PLC

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Analog output Analog output range Voltage output DC-10V ~ +10V (external load resistance 2kΩ ~ 1MΩ)
Current output DC 0mA to +20mA (external load resistance 500Ω or less)
Number of output channels 4 channels
Output characteristics The output mode (voltage/current output) can be set for each channel.
Digital input Voltage output 11bit binary + code 1bit
Current output 10-bit binary (unsigned)
resolution Voltage output 5mV (10V x 1/2000)
Current output 20μA (20mA×1/1000)
Overall accuracy Voltage output ±1% (±0.2V) for full scale 20V
(load fluctuation is not included)
Current output ±1% (±0.2mA) for full scale 20mA
D/A conversion time 2.1ms/4 channels (regardless of the number of channels used)
Insulation method Analog output section and sequencer are isolated by photo coupler
Analog output section and power supply are isolated by DC/DC converter
Each channel is not isolated
I/O occupied points 8 points (either input or output may be counted)
Applicable sequencer FX2N, FX3U, FX2NC, FX3UC
<Connector type connector connection>
FX2NC-CNV-IF is required to connect to FX2NC.
To connect to FX3UC, FX2NC-CNV-IF or FX3UC-1PS-5V is required.
mass 0.3 kg
Power supply specifications
Power supply 5V 30mA (Internal power supply from PLC)
DC24V ±10% 200mA (External power supply)


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