GT01-C30R2-6P Mitsubishi Cable

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category cable
series GOT2000 / GOT1000
Classification For PC ⇔ GOT connection
Product model GT01-C30R2-6P
Product status Now on sale
Delivery date ○ (prepared products)
Applicable standards ~
Compatible models <When Q / LCPU / L6ADP-R2⇔GOT / PC (GT SoftGOT2000 / GT SoftGOT1000) (D-sub 9 pin) is connected>
GT27, GT25, GT2105-QTBDS, GT2105-QMBDS, GT2104-PMBDS, GT2104-PMBDS2, GT2103- PMBDS, GT2103-PMBDS2, GT16, GT15, GT14, GT11, Handy GOT (when using GT11H-CNB-37S / GT16H-CNB-42S connector conversion box), GT105 □, GT104 □
* GT115 □ -Q □ BD □ (
* Except for bus exclusive machine) * Connection to GT2104-PMBDS, GT2104-PMBDS2, GT2103-PMBDS, GT2103-PMBDS2 is possible by combining GT10-C02H-6PT9P type RS-232 connector conversion cable.
<PC (screen creation software) (D-sub 9-pin: female) ⇔ GOT connection (MINI-DIN 6-pin: male)>
GT1020, GT1030
<GOT ⇔ PC (FA transparent function)>
GT2104-PMBDS, GT2104-PMBDS2, GT2103 -PMBDS, GT2103-PMBDS2, GT1020, GT1030
cable length 3m
Introduction ~
Type RS-232 cable
Detailed type Data transfer cable


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